Thursday, July 25, 2013


Assalamualaikum and hello everybody!! How are guys doing? We are already half way through Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah and I must say, there's been a lot going on for me even though nothing really happened. pfftt Ummm to be quite honest, I'm not really being myself during the past few weeks starting from the very first week of Ramadhan. I'm not sure why, I'm contradicting myself, I'm confused, angry towards a lot of things..disappointed, felt very much abandoned by my friends..I just, I don't know. Lately, I've had severe headaches, nausea every I decided to go and have a little check on myself. I found out I had a very low blood pressure 91/56 and low pulse rate 56. It's pretty bad because I've never had low blood pressure before in my entire life. So, it's pretty daunting..

          Now, I just have to eat a lot. hahahha I seriously believe that I am losing weight more than what is supposed to. I think I just need to calm down and relax, think positively about everything that's been going on and just don't psych myself out. Hopefully. InsyaAllah

          So, last Monday, my friend suggested me a movie. She is a totally Korean freak I tell you!!!!!!!!!!!! From movies to dramas and to songs, she's into everything. Everything about Korean stuff which I guess is not something shocking these days since K-Pop has been ruling the 21st century. I on the other hand, totally (ok maybe that's a little bit harsh, drop the totally) am not into Korean stuff. I don't watch Running Man, listen to K-Pop or whatever. I do have a good reason for that. I will have a severe and I mean very bad headache if I watch one except for those which are really good then I guess I'm alright. There's actually an event to really prove my statement here.

          On a very fine Friday, my friends and I were doing an assignment together in the Korean freak house *sorry to call you that if you read this :P*. When everyone was just tired, they went and watch all these Korean music videos, dramas, sitcoms and I was forced to watch with them. After seeing all that Koreannneesss, my head was literally without a doubt having a self destruct moment and it was in the danger zone. I had to save myself from the brain destruction and went back to my place, threw up in the bathroom sink before forcingly climbed myself up into the bed to rest. It was the most outrageous and bizarre feeling ever that I will never forget!!

         Let's get back on track, so she suggested me this movie entitled MIRACLE IN CELL NO 7 which is as expected a Korean movie. She said that I will never regret watching this film because it touches on humanitarian value and the movie received third place for the box office movie for the year 2000 and above. So I thought to myself "Well, I guess I'll give it a shot..since I'm feeling like throwing up any moment now so why not? Plus, she knew that I can't take Korean movies and so on so by suggesting this movie to me, it must be pretty good".

        And so I watched it and have to say that IT IS PRETTY DAMN GOOD!! BRILLIANT!! EXCELLENT!! It's funny and sad at the same time, it touches on a lot of values in a short period of time. To me, the plot might be a little bit predictable but if the movie is that good, so WTH. LOL the movie really has help me loosen up a little bit and it is my great honour to share it with all of you.Hope you guys enjoy watching it as much as I did. You might get teary, shed a few tears or 2 but what the heck. hahahha enjoy peeps ;)


Saturday, July 20, 2013


Ramai yang mungkin sedar perubahan fizikal badan mempengaruhi cara pembawakan diri seseorang apabila berdepan dengan orang ramai. Perubahan fizikal seperti ‘perut buncit’ kadang-kadang membuatkan seseorang itu berasa malu atau tidak mempunyai keyakinan diri apabila ingin menonjolkan diri di khalayak ramai. Bukan itu sahaja, perut buncit juga merupakan tanda awal kepada pelbagai jenis penyakit berbahaya.
Malah, apabila tidak mempunyai fizikal yang menarik seperti artis atau pembina badan, mungkin akan membuatkan individu itu berasa lebih tersisih dan berfikir negatif setiap masa. Pun begitu, terdapat cara yang sesuai untuk lelaki mahu pun wanita untukmengatasi masalah mempunyai perut buncit. Tidak salah untuk mencubakan? Antara cara-cara untuk mengempiskan perutadalah:
1. Minum Air Masak Yang Banyak.
Apabila tubuh badan kita menerima sumber air yang banyak, keadaan itu akan mencairkan kuantiti sodium dalam tubuh badan sehingga membolehkan kuantiti air yang keluar dari tubuh badan juga meningkat. Mendapatkan jumlah air yang banyak juga akan menjaminkan fungsi hempedu yang lebih efektif sewaktu proses pembuangan air berjalan dengan lancar.
2. Makan Perlahan-lahan.
Ketika menjamah makanan, kita tidak digalakkan makan dengan cepat kerana udara akan terkepung di dalam usus dan seterusnya membentuk gas yang menggalakkan perut menjadi perut buncit. Makanan yang tidak dikunyah sehingga kecil juga tidak dapat dicerna dengan sempurna yang seterusnya menyebabkan proses kembung perut berlaku.
3. Kurangkan Garam Dalam Makanan.
Terlalu banyak garam dalam proses diet akan menambah ekstrak sodium terhadap cairan dalam tubuh dan melambatkan mekanisme proses pengeluaran air dari sel badan. Akibatnya, perut akan menjadi kembung dengan gas-gas yang terbentuk. Lama kelamaan, perut buncit pun boleh berlaku.
4. Makan Makanan Yang Penuh Serat.
Ramai yang mungkin sedar perubahan fizikal badan mempengaruhi cara pembawakan diri seseorang apabila berdepan dengan orang ramai. Perubahan fizikal seperti ‘perut buncit’ kadang-kadang membuatkan seseorang itu berasa malu atau tidak mempunyai keyakinan diri apabila ingin menonjolkan diri di khalayak ramai. Bukan itu sahaja, perut buncit juga merupakan tanda awal kepada pelbagai jenis penyakit berbahaya (LINK).
Serat adalah elemen yang penting dalam piramid makanan. Untuk mengimbangi kuantiti air dalam tubuh badan, amalan memakan sayur-sayuran hijau dan buah-buahan seperti epal dan pear dapat membantu dalam proses penjagaan dari mendapat penyakit perut buncit ini.
5. Kesan Pengambilan Ubat.
Terdapat juga kajian yang dilakukan mengatakan, pengambilan pelbagai jenis ubat-ubatan menjadi salah satu punca perut menjadi perut buncit. Sebagai contoh, ubat Aspirin yang terlalu kerap di ambil akan menyebabkan timbulnya penyakit lain seperti sembelit.
6. Hindari Sembelit.
Sembelit berlaku apabila seseorang itu mengalami masalah dalam pembuangan danhanya membuang tidak lebih dari tiga kali seminggu. Sebagai akibat dari penyakit ini, perut akan mengumpul gas-gas yang berlebihan dan merangsang isi perut mengumpul lemak-lemak yang boleh menyebabkan kekembungan dan perut buncit. Oleh itu, pengambilan serat adalah digalakkan.
7. Lakukan Senaman atau Bersukan.
Bersukan sebanyak tiga kali seminggu dapat membantu meningkatkan kadar metabolisme dalam tubuh badan yang bagus untuk pembakaran dan pemecahan lemak.Bersukan akan membantu menggerakkan cairan berlebihan dalam perut dan dikeluarkan dari tubuh badan sebagai peluh. Ini seterusnya akan mengekalkan bentuk badan seseorang yang sesuai dengan ketinggian dan berat badan.


Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I am captivated and fascinated when reading a verse from the surah Ibrahim. It's clear cut and wounded you deeply or maybe it wounded me deeply.

"And the Shaitan shall say after the affair is decided: Surely Allah promised you the promise of truth and I gave you promises, then failed to keep them to you and I had no authority over you except that I called you and you obeyed me. Therefore, do not blame me but blame yourselves: I cannot be your aider (now) nor can you be my aiders; surely I disbelieved in your associating me with Allah before; surely it is the unjust that shall have the painful punishment"

       I think without me having to further explain what this verse means, all of you can think for yourselves. We are living in a world full of deceit, lies, hatred and what more only God knows. We all have a choice. It's always there. Options. But sometimes our judgement are blurred and hazy with all the temptations this world have to offer. I always feel ashamed of myself for the wrong doings that I have done, did and will do. Why do we keep falling for the same dark trap over and over and over again? Why do we always repeat the same mistakes? Why do we always do things that we all know will make Allah displeased with ourselves? I can't answer them for you. You know the answer.

      But one thing for sure, Allah never abandoned us. He always there to help us, to guide us. He sent all of his Messengers especially just for us to see which is good and which is bad. It takes more to just open your eyes to see the truth, it requires an open mind and an open heart too. But do we do the same for Him? Never abandoned Him?

       A few days ago, I went out with my friends to watch movie together. The movie starts at 1.50 pm and will end at around 3.30pm, obviously it was during the Zohor prayer time. We reached the cinema around 1.40pm. So, at that moment I have a choice whether to go and carry out my duty as a Muslim to pray to Allah first or go watch the movie and would hurriedly go to the surau after the movie ended. I actually really really want to watch this movie from beginning starting with all the unnecessary advertisement and cheezy messages you get in the cinema afraid to miss all that tiny parts when I would actually missed out on praying on time and get Allah blessings and rahmat, which is a way bigger rewards. But stupidly, I lost to temptation and heads to the cinema first. As a result, I was on the edge on my seat, impatiently waiting when the movie will end...

       There are many more examples like playing games, cover your aurah completely, boyfriend/girlfriend thingy....they all seems pretty nice but are they the right choices for you? Sometimes, we know that thing is wrong but yet because of the pleasure that we gained from it we tend to look past all the sins that we have collected from it or maybe all the advices that our friends tried to deliver to us. 


Many people asks, "If God existed then why so much war, so much pain, so much hate, so much despair?"
Because to establish mankind as one of His most prized creations, He blessed man with what is one of His biggest gifts and yet His biggest responsibility...Do you know what is the GIFT?
FREEDOM OF CHOICE.. when you understand the value of such a responsibility, you will never ask such a question. It's time we start taking responsibility for our actions and any possible outcomes that come with it.



Monday, July 8, 2013


Well, a few days ago I posted something on my Facebook page. Actually I had the idea of posting that thing a long time ago but there was something holding me back.

POSTED: A true man is a man that can kopek durian and tukar tayar kereta!! Practice guys practice

Before I posted this, I knew that there will be some person or someone would ask me back, "What makes a true woman then?" That question was the one very thing that hold me back. Why? Because I never really knew what the answer was, is and could be. I thought about it for a few days, a lot of answers came across this getting slower and slower mind of mine everyday but none of the answers seem right, well in a way they are true/right but somehow deep inside you know they're not, you know that there are much more than just "that". But I just went ahead and do it. Taking my chances of the very slightest idea that the question will popped out and it turns out, my so-called premonition was true as it always has....

          So, I decided not to answer the question or you can say delay it until I can get a definite answer on that. I could have never imagined that today is going to be that day when it finally came without me even realising it. Sneaky as a well-trained ninja. hahahha well, just ignore that.

         Some of the answers that I thought was cooking, which is a definite YES. I bet anyone would have figured that out, pfftt but then, you don't really need to be a woman just to be great at cooking. I mean, almost more than 50% of chefs in the culinary world is a guy so wouldn't it be that actually guy has more talent in cooking than girls are? Then, I thought about house-cleaning but then duhhh too general. How about a true woman is a woman who can love her family unconditionally? Nahh, too lame. I sounded very old just reading it back.

        I was in a very unstable roller-coaster emotional mode just a few hours ago and it hit me. A TRUE WOMAN IS A WOMAN WHO CAN ENDURE GREAT PAIN AND STILL GIVE OUT A BIG SMILE. Well, is just what I see, women actually are very vulnerable. Some may seem so tough on the outside but they are actually very brittle in the inside. With the very slightest touch it could break any moment. For many decades and centuries, in ancient times women were treated as if they are nothing, worthless and lifeless. They were killed brutally for various purposes and beaten to pulp. Now, the same thing still happens but much more less. Selfishly, I say we are a great lover. When we love somebody, we will love them dearly and if get the chance we won't let them go that easily. We still stick around in the house even though our husband is a real-life bomb just because he is our husband and we love him, we still there for our children whenever they are in great pain, needed someone to hold on to even though, they never visit us anymore when they grow old, never give us a call, never give us money when they are actually full of it just because they are our children and we love them. Regardless of how many boys/guys lie to us, cheated us, tricked us we still stick around just because we love them.

        Plus, we are great listeners. We listen patiently to every single and sometimes unimportant detail of your very called "troubled" life when we already have stacks of them carried around on our shoulders everyday. We keep your secrets as if they are our very own soul. Most importantly, I must say the pain that every mom have to endure when delivering her child is the greatest pain of all and it is incomparable. After all of that happened, we still put on a big great smile knowing and hoping that time will eventually heal all the pain and all the scars that occurred along the way.

      But not all women are like this. I would be lying to you and to myself if I say everyone of us is like this. And plus, it's just my point of view....what's yours??

P/S: I'm not sure why but throughout writing this post Maroon 5 song entitled She Will Be Loved kept playing in my head for some unknown reason....I wonder why.

Thursday, July 4, 2013


So just a few hours ago I had a conversation with my dad. Well, it was not actually a conversation, it's more like a story that my dad told..oh wait, it's not definitely a story it's a disappointment. Yeah, disappointment and regrets.

DAD: tu tak angkat2 lagi sampah kat depan rumah tu.
ME: Sampah apa??
DAD: Alah, semalam kan potong pokok kat depan rumah tu. Pastu depa letak kat depan mcm tu je. Kata nak ambik hari ni. Haram. Tulah dah bayar penuh pastu x buat kerja sampai habis..lari mcm tu je.
ME: Dah abah bayar habis, biasalah tu lari mcm tu je. Dia dah dpt apa yang dia nak. Patutnya abah bayarlah dia separuh dulu. Separuh lagi dpt kalau kerja dah siap nnt..
DAD: Abah dah terfikir dah nk buat mcm tu tp takut nnt dia kata abah x percaya dia lah pula. Sebab tulah abah byr penuh terus kat org tu. Nak kata abah ni percaya kat dia lah
ME: Well, it's business. You gotta do what you gotta do.
DAD: Tahu. Just abah x nak dia tu fikir abah tak percayakan dia
ME: Tapi abah, sape je percaya kat sape sekarang ni
DAD:........WALKS AWAY....

I was actually quite surprise I even said that. Yeah, I mean when you thought about it back, whom do you actually trust? Truly trust in this world. Well, it's a thought that I had for tonight. A simple thought that will keep me pondering and searching for the answer all my life....I guess..

Monday, July 1, 2013


Gejala selsema sudah pasti membuatkan anda berasa tidak selesa dan tidak senang duduk. Sama ada disebabkan cuaca yang tidak menentu ataupun virus yang menjangkit, gejala selsema sudah tentu akan mengganggu aktiviti harian anda.

Selain mengamalkan kesemua petua ini, jenis pemakanan yang anda ambil juga perlu dititikberatkan. Berikut antara 10 jenis makanan yang boleh anda ambil ketika gejala selsema menyerang anda:

1. Ais krim batang
Aiskrim boleh melegakan sakit, rasa gatal, bengkak, atau kering pada tekak. Ia juga membantu mengekalkan anda terhidrat, yang menganggu anda apabila berhadapan gejala selsema. Mendapatkan air yang secukupnya dapat membantu mengurangkan masalah hidung tersumbat. Cari aiskrim batang yang diperbuat daripada 100% jus buah-buahan untuk memastikan anda mendapat nutrien yang penting dan bukannya air gula. Beberapa perisa seperti epal, anggur, atau strawberi boleh dicuba.

NOTE: Totally true!! Full proof true :D Ada satu masa dulu tgh mcm nk demam pastu time2 tu lah ada class dinner. Mula2 mcm nk control mkn yelah tgh demam tp bila dah sampai kat restoran tu terbeliak biji mata. Bye2 healthy food and welcome AISKRIM!! hahahha tulah benda pertama yang saya sebat. Bukan satu scoop terus 3..hambik kau. Pastu, mmg meleleh air hidung, the one that becomes really runny..yeah. It was gross and you fell kinda dizzy after that but you'll get through!

2. Sandwich Turki
Ayam belanda adalah pilihan terbaik, ia merupakan makanan yang mengandungi protein tanpa lemak. Sekalipun anda tidak menyukai rasanya, namun makanan ini membantu membekalkan tenaga dalam badan untuk melawan penyakit.

NOTE: Sekalipun anda tidak menyukai rasanya!!!??? What the...??? hahhahha Never had turkey, how it taste like?

3. Jus Sayur-sayuran
Selain salad, segelas jus sayur-sayuran yang rendah natrium rendah akan membekalkan anda dengan imun-merangsang antioksida dan mengekalkan diri anda dari terus terhidrat.

4. Sup Ayam
Berkhasiat dan menghidratkan, terdapat juga beberapa bukti saintifik bahawa sup ayam boleh membantu untuk menyembuhkan dan mempunyai kesan anti-radang yang sederhana. Kajian telah mendapati bahawa sup ayam panas dapat meningkatkan keupayaan silium, rerambut kecil pada bahagian rongga hidung, untuk melindungi badan daripada bakteria dan virus.

NOTE: Urmmm..drpd mkn sup ayam baik makan nasi ayam terus.

5. Bawang putih
Untuk itu, bawang putih merupakan pilihan yang baik bagi menyediakan hidangan seperti sup. Ia mempunyai ciri-ciri antimikrob dan imun-merangsang serta boleh memberi kelegaan bagi masalah hidung tersumbat.

NOTE: Yeay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GARLIC!!! I'm in love with you

6. Halia
Sakit perut? Loya? Halia adalah yang sering digunakan untuk melegakan gejala-gejala ini. Beberapa kajian menunjukkan ia boleh membantu melawan keradangan.

7. Roti Bakar
Roti bakar antara makanan yang mudah apabila melawan penyakit. Tambahan pula roti bakar bersama dengan mi sup ayam boleh mengembalikan selera makan anda.

NOTE: YEAY!! ROTI!!! I'm lovin it

8. Pisang
Pisang merupakan makanan yang berkesan terhadap gejala selsema, loya, muntah dan cirit-birit. Pelbagaikan hidangan anda berserta dengan beras, sos epal dan roti bakar.

NOTE: Banana!!?? banana...??

9. Teh Panas
Teh hijau membantu melawan penyakit antioksida. Bernafas dalam wap terutamanya berasaskan teh boleh membantu melegakan hidung tersumbat. Campurkan sesudu madu dan perahan limau untuk membantu melegakan sakit tekak. Jika kafein mengganggu anda, pilihlah bebas kafein atau versi herba.

10. Minuman Gantian Hidangan
Jika selera makan anda telah kembali, cuba minuman gantian untuk mendapatkan nutrien dan kalori yang betul. Cari minuman bebas laktosa dengan sekurang-kurangnya 6 gram protein dan rendah gula. Perisa seperti strawberi dan coklat memiliki vitamin, nutrien dan kalori yang lebih banyak.


Ok. So, right now I started playing this game called Half-Life. Not the second, third or so's the first. That means, it's form the 1998 game. Well, you might say it's lame and I'm not going to argue with you guys about that but it's fun. It's sort of like playing Resident Evil *FYI it's my favourite!!!!!* Except that Half-Life deal with aliens whilst RE with zombies!! Isn't it great?? And I think it's more laid back kinda game rather than playing RE because RE you have to like really really use your brain to solve some wait not some but many puzzles along the way plus with all the shocking zombies lurking in every corner and you have limited limited inventory which you can carry around. Half-Life is great in terms of you don't really have to sort your things out, what to carry and what not to carry because they don't give a thought about doing so and what's more awesome is that you can found health pack or machine almost everywhere! HEEEEE *big smile*

           Well, I'm not here to tell you about all of these stuff. If you wanna know, better play it for yourself. Give it a try, you'll love it!! Hopefully...
Now let's get back to the real business. Emm, ok maybe I should give you some insight about what the game really is about: Half-Life. So, in every level of this game, you will meet a few people mostly in general you will meet the guards and scientists. Your main purpose or should we say your objective is to get to the surface and save everyone's life and tell the people on the surface to help out. Everytime when I meet scientists or guards I would ask them to follow me but if they refuse so, let them be. They wanna die alone so be it. But what makes me kinda shock about the whole thing is when I read a few walkthrough on this game, most of the walkthrough said that: "you should kill the scientist because he will meet a terrible fate later on after all" or "the scientist serve no purpose so just kill him" or "you kill the guards to get gun ammo". Seriously??!!

            Let's just picture this in real life. Don't tell me that you're just going to kill a person because they serve no purpose to you and you want to take his gun for protection and his ammo??? Whoa, ok. Maybe right now you're thinking that I'm being too paranoid *maybe* and hey, relax it's just a game. Well, to me whatever you are doing all these small and possibly not important things are actually important. I do believe that these small little details in life will make a huge impact on your view of life and thus your personality in total. This is for me, a way of actually beribadah kepada Allah. Funny right but it's true. I actually learn a lot of things while playing video games. It's like why are you eating? Because you are just hungry? Because your stomach is growling? Why not you change all of that into, if I eat, I'll gain a lot of energy and when I have the energy I can help my parents do the chores or I can solat with more enthusiasm and not just feeling that I have to do it. Get it?

          Therefore, *perghh* ehm, take everything a little bit serious in everything you do or should I say, do everything with the right purposes. In the game, everyone knows you. They even say, "Oh you're still alive Gordon!! Thank goodness" and "hey, Gordon nice to see you" and then, you just going to kill them? Even if you know what will happen to them later on that they will die because aliens will kill them and deliciously eat them still you don't really have the rights to kill them. In real life, it would be like backstabbing your friends because you just want to save your sorry little arse? You certainly do not want their last memory to be you killing them, wouldn't it? It would be just too horrible I say.

          That's all. hehhehhe. Value your friendship with your friends and treasure it. Help each other out in difficult situations. Isn't that what true friends are all about?