Monday, July 1, 2013


Ok. So, right now I started playing this game called Half-Life. Not the second, third or so's the first. That means, it's form the 1998 game. Well, you might say it's lame and I'm not going to argue with you guys about that but it's fun. It's sort of like playing Resident Evil *FYI it's my favourite!!!!!* Except that Half-Life deal with aliens whilst RE with zombies!! Isn't it great?? And I think it's more laid back kinda game rather than playing RE because RE you have to like really really use your brain to solve some wait not some but many puzzles along the way plus with all the shocking zombies lurking in every corner and you have limited limited inventory which you can carry around. Half-Life is great in terms of you don't really have to sort your things out, what to carry and what not to carry because they don't give a thought about doing so and what's more awesome is that you can found health pack or machine almost everywhere! HEEEEE *big smile*

           Well, I'm not here to tell you about all of these stuff. If you wanna know, better play it for yourself. Give it a try, you'll love it!! Hopefully...
Now let's get back to the real business. Emm, ok maybe I should give you some insight about what the game really is about: Half-Life. So, in every level of this game, you will meet a few people mostly in general you will meet the guards and scientists. Your main purpose or should we say your objective is to get to the surface and save everyone's life and tell the people on the surface to help out. Everytime when I meet scientists or guards I would ask them to follow me but if they refuse so, let them be. They wanna die alone so be it. But what makes me kinda shock about the whole thing is when I read a few walkthrough on this game, most of the walkthrough said that: "you should kill the scientist because he will meet a terrible fate later on after all" or "the scientist serve no purpose so just kill him" or "you kill the guards to get gun ammo". Seriously??!!

            Let's just picture this in real life. Don't tell me that you're just going to kill a person because they serve no purpose to you and you want to take his gun for protection and his ammo??? Whoa, ok. Maybe right now you're thinking that I'm being too paranoid *maybe* and hey, relax it's just a game. Well, to me whatever you are doing all these small and possibly not important things are actually important. I do believe that these small little details in life will make a huge impact on your view of life and thus your personality in total. This is for me, a way of actually beribadah kepada Allah. Funny right but it's true. I actually learn a lot of things while playing video games. It's like why are you eating? Because you are just hungry? Because your stomach is growling? Why not you change all of that into, if I eat, I'll gain a lot of energy and when I have the energy I can help my parents do the chores or I can solat with more enthusiasm and not just feeling that I have to do it. Get it?

          Therefore, *perghh* ehm, take everything a little bit serious in everything you do or should I say, do everything with the right purposes. In the game, everyone knows you. They even say, "Oh you're still alive Gordon!! Thank goodness" and "hey, Gordon nice to see you" and then, you just going to kill them? Even if you know what will happen to them later on that they will die because aliens will kill them and deliciously eat them still you don't really have the rights to kill them. In real life, it would be like backstabbing your friends because you just want to save your sorry little arse? You certainly do not want their last memory to be you killing them, wouldn't it? It would be just too horrible I say.

          That's all. hehhehhe. Value your friendship with your friends and treasure it. Help each other out in difficult situations. Isn't that what true friends are all about?


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