Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

How are you guys feeling today??? Hopefully full of energy and can't wait to charge forward and live your day to the fullest. But of course not forgetting about HIM who gives us the opportunity to live another day.....EACH DAY IS A GIFT AND NOT A GIVEN RIGHT.  So, alhamdulillah. ^_^


This blog was born in the year 2007. It was originally created because of an English project during our Form 2 year. Our English teacher, whom we thought was very cool and out-going and we believe is still now, she insisted each of her students to create a blog and at the same time to be "technologically wise". Without the project, this blog with a big possibility would not exist.

The name of this blog has changed for quite several times. The first one is RESULTMAUMUMTAZ then the name changed to BLOOD TERRITORY: MOSEY TO ZENITH and now it has become COLOUR OF THE HEART.

There is no specific reasons for the changing of names. It's just like you need a new change and a breath of fresh air. ^_^ However, the URL of this blog is still the same that is www.resultmaumumtaz.blogspot.com

 So, what's new and special about this blog than the previous ones?
Ummmmm...emmmm....to be quite frank, we wouldn't want to say it special but we made some obvious changes to it. Or maybe not that obvious.
Now with a brand new face, we are using quite more English as our language medium but still we are using Bahasa Melayu!!! IT'S OUR MOTHER TONGUE & PERHAPS THE VERY BEST LANGUAGE TO USE. YEAY. The very fact we are using English, is not that we are bragging that we can use English very well and want to show off (that's not even the case), it's just that we think English would be a good platform if we want to share our ideas and thoughts to the whole world.

To be more specific, we have decided to make this blog a motivational blog, where it encourages you to do something good and maybe makes you think more about life, about how lucky you are and maybe some pointers. Not all the points are true, they are just simply our thoughts on how we see them at a different angle.


Up until this point, not many people know and realize that this blog actually belongs to 3 people. Yup 3 alright. Who are we? That is a secret. We like to keep it private but non of the less, the 3 of us are GIRLS!! So, any posts published in this blog could be either any one of us wrote it. It's totally random. If you have any comments or great ideas to share with us, you are totally welcome to do so. Hope you guys will enjoy reading any posts in this blog and will be keep coming back for more.
Until then....



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