Sunday, July 29, 2012


Baru tersedar sesuatu semalam. Sesuatu yang mungkin ramai daripada kita tak sedar...sesuatu yang amat menyedihkan hati apabila direnung kembali....

          Setelah selesai menyempurnakan solat terawih bersama beberapa sahabat, kami pun berjalan bersama-sama menuju ke rumah masing2. Dalam perjalanan, seorang sahabat berkata,

"Eh, aku rasa sedihlah tadi.....cuba korang bayangkan, kita ni bolehlah dikatakan daripada golongan intelek, cerdik pandai. Tapi kalau dalam bab2 agama ni mesti hancur... tgk aje tadi. Takde sorang pun yang nk jadi imam utk solat isyak and terawih. Itu pun kena paksa barulah nak. Kalau jawab soalan2 yang berkaitan akademik mcm bio ke, maths..laju je jawabnya. Tapi kalau bab2 agama mesti takde sape yang beria2 nak jawab. Peliklah aku..sedih pun ada gak. Aku pun bukanlah alim sgt, pandai sangat dalam bab2 agama ni tp akanlah semua pun sama mcm aku. Kalau macam tu payahlah..."

Betul juga kata kawan aku yang sorang ni. Orang zaman dahulu, time zaman Nabi Muhammad S.A.W. bukan setakat bertungkus-lumus cari ilmu dunia malah ilmu akhirat pun dicari. Kita ni ckp pasal agama je mesti akan ada org kata, "Eh, ko takyahlah nak alim sangat. Aku tahulah!!!" Ye ke tahu? Ke sebab sombong and angkuh? Dah tersimpang jauh dah kita sekarang ni.

           Ini tak bermaksud yang kita semua ni kena focus kat agama je. Bukan macam tu...maksudnya kena "balance"lah dua2. Kalau kita hebat dalam hal akademik, kita juga mesti hebat dalam agama. Barulah ada EQUILIBRIUM!! Malah, Allah S.W.T. pun menggalakkkan kita untuk menuntut ilmu dunia dan akhirat. Jadi, rajin2kanlah diri tu untuk melengkapkan diri dengan ilmu2 agama. Tak rugi pun...dalam dunia ni mana ada satu ilmu pun yang merugikan. Malah, for my opinion, it is actually a blessings and a gift from Allah S.W.T.

         Lagi satu bndalah yang aku pantang giler. Naik geram pun ada gak. Pernah x jumpa dgn org yang selalu mempersoalkan guru2 or lecturers pasal "KENAPA KITA KENA BELAJAR BNDA NI EK!? MCM X DE APA2 GUNA PUN..." Haishhh manusia ni...belajar pun salah, x belajar pun salah. Nak juga aku lepuk budak sorang ni. Why do you have to ask that question in the first place? If you don't like it then don't learn it. Just because that something you learn does not have any relation with what are you doing right now, does not mean that it does not impose something meaningful to others.

        For example, in SPM lah yang selalu org argue pasal bnda ni. "Aku nak jadi lawyer, buat apa aku nak tahu pasal fizik?" or "Aku nak jadi engineer, for what I learn Biology for!?" Ishh, wahai shabat2 sekalian. Salah ke kalau kita belajar sesuatu yang mungkin di luar bidang kita? Salah ke? Berdosa ke? Ada ke Tuhan cakap, "Wahai manusia, tuntutlah ilmu yang berkaitan dengan diri kamu sahaja!!". Ada ke? Ada ke? Cuba jawab sikit!!

         Knowledge is something very general. And as a matter of fact, I enjoyed more learning something that's new and not really related to what I'm studying right now. Because why? Because I know that in academic session or during lectures I don't learn that kind of stuff.  It is something that I like to consider as general knowledge and worth knowing! Like I have a friend, she's studying to become a doctor. And my Goodness!!! She knows everything about ENGINEERING!! Like what subjects you have to learn, how competitive the area's just Mindblowing! Even I don't really know much of the details...hehehhee

Jadi, tuntutlah ilmu itu dengan sebanyak yang mungkin. Janganlah nak persoalankan kenapa, kenapa dan mengapa lepas ni ye. Kalau dapat satu ilmu baru tu ucapkanlah alhamdulillah kerana bank ilmu kita bertambah, kalau tak dapat, cari lagi sebanyak yang mungkin.


Hooo yeah!! To all of you out there who really loves to hike or jungle trekking, here's a really neat gadget that you should have in your collection. Yup, it's the brand new first outdoor GPS watch from Garmin. It can record way points and track logs in order to navigate back to a starting point, with a TracBack feature letting you trun around and navigate your way back along the track you just made. With this, you can practically say BUH-BYE TO BEING LOST!!! ;P

The unit also allows user to download routes from their computer and navigate to them in the field. How neat is that!? And there's an arrow to keep you pointed in the right direction as you travel.

The watch includes a worldwide base map that displays nearby cities and a Basecamp desktop application that allows for trip planning and sharing. A Basecamp smartphone application will also be available and ANT + and Bluetooth functionality allow the Fenix to share routes and other information wireless with compatible devices.

         Like existing Garmin sports monitors, the Fenix tracks performance data like distance, time, pace and altitude. The unit can be paired wireless with Garmin's heart rate monitor or bicycle cadence sensor for additional tracking features. The Fenix also proficient in its ABCs (altimeter, barometer and compass), which can be automatically calibrated by way of GPS. Garmin's Tempe external thermometer can be used with the watch for an accurate temperature reading.

         In terms of more basic features and design, the Fenix boasts a world clock with multi-clock display, alarm, vibration alerts, timer and stopwatch. It has a scratch-resistant LCD display with LED back light and a rugged, waterproof (50m/164 ft) housing. It offers up to 50 hours of battery life in GPS mode and up to 6 weeks in standard watch mode.

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Do you know that all of us share the same genetic code? You share around 99% of your DNA with the person next to you, your back, front and right! Isn't that cool? So, that literally means, if you think they are beautiful, THEN YOU ARE TOO!! ^_^  and IF I'M UGLY, SO R U HEHEHHE

The pictures above are just for fun. So laugh people, laugh...or smile ;D Hmmm, but if all of us are the same, then why there are bad guys and good guys? Good question! Well, I would say that all comes down to personality coz personality really does reflect who you truly are. It shows what your heart is made of. How to have a good personality? That I believe you'll find your way through experience and surroundings. Hopefully you'll find it. One day....

           Living in this world requires cooperation, loving, caring, responsibilities and so much more. So, don't let our 1% difference makes the whole planet upside down. If you are rich today, does not guarantee that you'll be rich the next day and vice versa. Think carefully, IT WILL MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE. 

Saturday, July 14, 2012


As I was walking with a friend, a Chinese, to take our breakfast...suddenly she said to me:-

FRIEND: Hey, did you know something? Yesterday I saw one girl and she was a free hair. I saw her getting scolded by our HEP badly.
ME: Really? Why so? Who's that person?
FRIEND: She dyed her hair. I think it's a junior.
ME: Ceh, no wonderlah she got scolded by the head oh HEP. She dyed her hair!!!! That's against the rules of the college. Obviously. Is she a Chinese, Indian....???
FRIEND: No, she's a Malay. Hey, I thought wearing tudung is wajib for you guys? How come she didn't wear one. I mean not only she...many others too? You guys will get dosa right if you don't wear tudung?

*************DUMBSTRUCK!!!!!! *******************
FRIENDS: As I remember it correctly, the Malays are wajib to wear tudung during their school years, right? How come now isn't anymore?
ME: Well, that's because during the school years, teachers are trying to do their best to adapt us with the correct way of living an Islamic life. But. once you are let loose and when you don't really have a strong faith or strong hold of the religion, that's what happened. Maybe it has something to do with their family too. Maybe their family don't really care about these stuff. Ish, kalau saya free hair, mati kena belasah dgn my parents. Hahahaha
FRIEND: But still, you'll get dosa right?
ME: Ya...but look at it this way. Not every apple in the bunch is good. There will be one or two apples that are rotten. Same goes here. Not every one will follow exactly what Islam says. I think any religion is also the same right? Not everyone will follow exactly what their religion told them to do, right?
FRIEND: Ya, I think so....emmm..

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Our noses have right and left nostrils. Are these nostrils have the same function for inhaling (breathe-in) and exhaling (breathe-out)??

      Actually it's not the same and we can feel the difference. Accordingly, the right side represents the sun/heat and the left side represents the moon/cold.

 When having HEADACHE, TRY TO USE YOUR RIGHT NOSTRIL & USE YOUR LEFT NOSTRIL TO DO BREATHING FOR ABOUT 5 MINUTES. The headache will be gone. If you feel too tired, do it opposite way. CLOSE YOUR LEFT NOSTRIL & BREATHE THROUGH YOUR RIGHT NOSTRIL. After a while, you will feel refresh again because the right side belongs to heat, so it gets hot easily. The left side gets cold easily.

          Women breathe mainly with their left nostril, so they get calm down easily. Men breathe mostly with their right nostril, so they get angry easily. When we wake up, do we notice which nostrils breathe faster? Is it the left side or the right side? If the left nostril breathes faster, you will feel very tired. Close your left nostril and use your right nostril for breathing and you will get refresh very quickly.

         Emm, I'm not quite sure how far this works. However, there's a story about a man who tried this and it worked! He often have painful headache. When consulted a doctor, the doctor told him jokingly, "You will be alright if you get married!!". Which is like...=_="" but the doctor did not lie to him as he had his theory and supported with testimony. *I wonder...*

         During that time, he used to have headache every night and was not able to study. He took medicine but was not cured. One night, as he sat down to meditate, he closed his right nostril and breathe with his left. In less than a week, it seemed that his headache problem had left him!! He continued doing it for about a month and since then there was no recurrence of headache in him for good.....

         So, if you have a very terrible headache like this guy maybe you should try it too. Does not hurt ya, I tell you that. Most importantly, you do it sincerely and with a very high hopes to the Almighty that you will be cured in no time. ^_^ GOOD LUCK!