Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I am captivated and fascinated when reading a verse from the surah Ibrahim. It's clear cut and wounded you deeply or maybe it wounded me deeply.

"And the Shaitan shall say after the affair is decided: Surely Allah promised you the promise of truth and I gave you promises, then failed to keep them to you and I had no authority over you except that I called you and you obeyed me. Therefore, do not blame me but blame yourselves: I cannot be your aider (now) nor can you be my aiders; surely I disbelieved in your associating me with Allah before; surely it is the unjust that shall have the painful punishment"

       I think without me having to further explain what this verse means, all of you can think for yourselves. We are living in a world full of deceit, lies, hatred and what more only God knows. We all have a choice. It's always there. Options. But sometimes our judgement are blurred and hazy with all the temptations this world have to offer. I always feel ashamed of myself for the wrong doings that I have done, did and will do. Why do we keep falling for the same dark trap over and over and over again? Why do we always repeat the same mistakes? Why do we always do things that we all know will make Allah displeased with ourselves? I can't answer them for you. You know the answer.

      But one thing for sure, Allah never abandoned us. He always there to help us, to guide us. He sent all of his Messengers especially just for us to see which is good and which is bad. It takes more to just open your eyes to see the truth, it requires an open mind and an open heart too. But do we do the same for Him? Never abandoned Him?

       A few days ago, I went out with my friends to watch movie together. The movie starts at 1.50 pm and will end at around 3.30pm, obviously it was during the Zohor prayer time. We reached the cinema around 1.40pm. So, at that moment I have a choice whether to go and carry out my duty as a Muslim to pray to Allah first or go watch the movie and would hurriedly go to the surau after the movie ended. I actually really really want to watch this movie from beginning starting with all the unnecessary advertisement and cheezy messages you get in the cinema afraid to miss all that tiny parts when I would actually missed out on praying on time and get Allah blessings and rahmat, which is a way bigger rewards. But stupidly, I lost to temptation and heads to the cinema first. As a result, I was on the edge on my seat, impatiently waiting when the movie will end...

       There are many more examples like playing games, cover your aurah completely, boyfriend/girlfriend thingy....they all seems pretty nice but are they the right choices for you? Sometimes, we know that thing is wrong but yet because of the pleasure that we gained from it we tend to look past all the sins that we have collected from it or maybe all the advices that our friends tried to deliver to us. 


Many people asks, "If God existed then why so much war, so much pain, so much hate, so much despair?"
Because to establish mankind as one of His most prized creations, He blessed man with what is one of His biggest gifts and yet His biggest responsibility...Do you know what is the GIFT?
FREEDOM OF CHOICE.. when you understand the value of such a responsibility, you will never ask such a question. It's time we start taking responsibility for our actions and any possible outcomes that come with it.




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