Thursday, July 25, 2013


Assalamualaikum and hello everybody!! How are guys doing? We are already half way through Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah and I must say, there's been a lot going on for me even though nothing really happened. pfftt Ummm to be quite honest, I'm not really being myself during the past few weeks starting from the very first week of Ramadhan. I'm not sure why, I'm contradicting myself, I'm confused, angry towards a lot of things..disappointed, felt very much abandoned by my friends..I just, I don't know. Lately, I've had severe headaches, nausea every I decided to go and have a little check on myself. I found out I had a very low blood pressure 91/56 and low pulse rate 56. It's pretty bad because I've never had low blood pressure before in my entire life. So, it's pretty daunting..

          Now, I just have to eat a lot. hahahha I seriously believe that I am losing weight more than what is supposed to. I think I just need to calm down and relax, think positively about everything that's been going on and just don't psych myself out. Hopefully. InsyaAllah

          So, last Monday, my friend suggested me a movie. She is a totally Korean freak I tell you!!!!!!!!!!!! From movies to dramas and to songs, she's into everything. Everything about Korean stuff which I guess is not something shocking these days since K-Pop has been ruling the 21st century. I on the other hand, totally (ok maybe that's a little bit harsh, drop the totally) am not into Korean stuff. I don't watch Running Man, listen to K-Pop or whatever. I do have a good reason for that. I will have a severe and I mean very bad headache if I watch one except for those which are really good then I guess I'm alright. There's actually an event to really prove my statement here.

          On a very fine Friday, my friends and I were doing an assignment together in the Korean freak house *sorry to call you that if you read this :P*. When everyone was just tired, they went and watch all these Korean music videos, dramas, sitcoms and I was forced to watch with them. After seeing all that Koreannneesss, my head was literally without a doubt having a self destruct moment and it was in the danger zone. I had to save myself from the brain destruction and went back to my place, threw up in the bathroom sink before forcingly climbed myself up into the bed to rest. It was the most outrageous and bizarre feeling ever that I will never forget!!

         Let's get back on track, so she suggested me this movie entitled MIRACLE IN CELL NO 7 which is as expected a Korean movie. She said that I will never regret watching this film because it touches on humanitarian value and the movie received third place for the box office movie for the year 2000 and above. So I thought to myself "Well, I guess I'll give it a shot..since I'm feeling like throwing up any moment now so why not? Plus, she knew that I can't take Korean movies and so on so by suggesting this movie to me, it must be pretty good".

        And so I watched it and have to say that IT IS PRETTY DAMN GOOD!! BRILLIANT!! EXCELLENT!! It's funny and sad at the same time, it touches on a lot of values in a short period of time. To me, the plot might be a little bit predictable but if the movie is that good, so WTH. LOL the movie really has help me loosen up a little bit and it is my great honour to share it with all of you.Hope you guys enjoy watching it as much as I did. You might get teary, shed a few tears or 2 but what the heck. hahahha enjoy peeps ;)



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