Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Remember how water ad campaigns can be very cheeky and sleeky at the same time. You just go on laughing and then say "WHO CARES!!?". hahahha, well at least if it doesn't happened to you, it did to me. ;p You should care!!! It's your responsibilities...

         "Haiyaaaa mak cik...there's a lot of water in the sea what!!?? No need to worrylah. Chillax!". =_="" Sea!!?? What you even know the water that gets into your house's pipes does not come from the sea!? It's from the rivers and lakes genius!! and it's only 1% of the earth's water available for us to drink and do other stuff (Read here for more info:

          It is important to save water because one day the earth may run out of water. If you haven't noticed the oceans and rivers are slowly draining due to people using so much water. Once we don't have water we won't be able to live. One way we can save the water is by using DESALINATION. Water desalination is when you turn salty or brackish water in to fresh clean drinkable water
So it is very important that you save water not only for us but for our planet and the other living creatures as well.

         Just imagine, you come home from work just to find out THERE'S NO WATER. I'll bet you'd be cursing at that time..******. hahahaa you are sweaty, need to go to do some monkey business, need to perform your solat and need to drink coz you are damn thirsty,...and NO WATER. What a life.

         So, peeps remember to conserve water. It's not that hard. Plus, small deeds result in big rewards in the future. Cya ~.^

Monday, June 25, 2012


One of the thing in life where we know actually how bad it is but still we couldn't help ignoring it. Why? That's the problem. We don't know why. All the right and wrong reasons are there for us to ponder and think. But do we even take a moment to really really digest all that?

           Possibly, 95% people would pass a test regarding how smoking has a bad influence in your life with flying colours. No doubt about that. But just how many of them really live up to what they wrote on the exam sheets? Is it just an act to prove that they are not stupid? Well, in my opinion, don't have to take the test. To me you are already stupid. You have the knowledge but you don't use it. What's the purpose of KNOWLEDGE then?

         The same thing goes with wearing hijab or fasting in Ramadhan or perform your daily prayers. We already know about all these and as a matter of fact, we have already answer all of them in our many many Pendidikan Agama Islam (PAI) exam starting in primary school. If I ask you now to compare between PAI and Chemistry or PAI and Biology or PAI and Physic, which one is harder? Definitely not PAI? So, if it's not hard...then why don't you do it? Because it's different how you wrote in the exam and how it's being practice in real life? That's just ego and hypocrite.

         I'm doing this just to remind myself and my friends. I know a lot of them smoke. I know. But think about it. Do your parents want you to become smokers? Do your parents allowed you to buy packets and packets of cigarettes with their money (if you are a student)? Think about it. That wouldn't hurt you like smoking will.


Friday, June 15, 2012


If you had recently been in a relationship and well, that relationship did not go smoothly as you had planned it, DO NOT WORRY!! He/she is SO YESTERDAY!!!! Find a new one..(hahahaha) Maybe you two are not meant to be together. =D maybe you deserve someone better.

        But, remember kids! DO NOT GET SO CAUGHT UP IN YOUR LOVE. It's not wrong to love somebody cause we are meant to be loved and we have the need to love someone. It becomes wrong when you started to disobey your parents, started to do something bad (although you may not notice it) and started to think that everything is fine when you are with him/her. Don't get so sure that you'll live happily ever after with him/her unless you guys are already married with your parents BLESSINGS of course!! THAT'S IMPORTANTE. Remember that. No one's life will be perfect if they do not have their parents blessings :D

         Oh, yeah almost forgot......just want to share something with all the hopeful girls out there. My dad always remind me,  

"If you want to marry somebody, make sure he has 3 keys. First the key to his office or his desk. That shows the man has a secure job and can financially support you. You certainly do not want the other way around, do you? Next, he must have a car key or motorcycle key. If he can't afford, at least he must have a key to lock his bicycle. It'll be easier to take you around. Last but not least, he must have a house key. This is very important. This shows the man is responsible to pay any house bills and he is independent He is ready to become a good husband and a great father when he has all the 3 keys."


If you're over me, I'm already over you
If it's all been done, what is left to do?
How can you hang up if the line is dead?
If you wanna walk, I'm a step ahead
If you're movin on, I'm already gone
If the light is off then it isn't on 


Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Looking at this date from its outside appearance, emm..let's face it. FULL OF WRINKLES and it looks kinda dry. But that is just from the outside. How about the inside? The taste? And do you know, what type of date this is? This is called the Prophet's date, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him aka kurma ajwa. There are many benefits if you eat one of these..(if I have the time and the chance, I'll try to give you more information about dates - the benefits and total goodness)

        So, let's get back to our topic. What all this has to do with hijab? Well, it's just one of my ideology or you can say it as an analogy. When you see something that is not so appetizing or pleasing to your eyes, you will immediately think that it may not be good to you or it is something bad. That's human nature. Same goes when you see someone wears a hijab or niqab or burqa or abaya, they are fully covered in black. Absolutely no colour..but have you seen the inside of all that covering? Have you seen how beautiful the person really is?

       We Muslims are not forced to wear hijab. In fact, it is OUR OWN FREE WILL TO WEAR ONE. Because we feel oblige to do so and it shows our devotion to the Allah Almighty. Despite all the challenges that we may have to face, still it is our our first priority: COVER THE AURAT WELL

       I must say, I have a total respect to Katja Kuokkanen a non-muslim newspaper reporter for one of the most famous and biggest newspaper in Finland, Helsingin Sanomat, whom actually wore a fully covered black robe along with purdah and was walking around the Helsinki city for the whole day.


She was trying to feel what other Muslims women have to endure and feel when they are too wearing the same garment. It proves that "It is not bad at all! As a matter of fact, you will feel at peace when you wear it."

        It is such a shame for an Islamic girl fail to see how actually really covering the aurat has many great advantages and then taking it for granted.

        Alhamdulillah, I had the chance to be in a place where wearing abaya and purdah is something common in the society. Even, I felt ashamed of myself for not wearing what they are wearing and felt like an alien walking among them. One day, I saw a woman taking off her purdah in a holy mosque and masyaAllah, if I were a man, I would definitely fall for her and have a heart attack right at that moment to see how pretty, beautiful and angelic her face was. It was a sight that I would never forget. Her husband must be a really lucky man to have such an extraordinary hot woman like her and plus, she only going to show her beauty to him only. Subhanallah....