Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Remember how water ad campaigns can be very cheeky and sleeky at the same time. You just go on laughing and then say "WHO CARES!!?". hahahha, well at least if it doesn't happened to you, it did to me. ;p You should care!!! It's your responsibilities...

         "Haiyaaaa mak cik...there's a lot of water in the sea what!!?? No need to worrylah. Chillax!". =_="" Sea!!?? What you even know the water that gets into your house's pipes does not come from the sea!? It's from the rivers and lakes genius!! and it's only 1% of the earth's water available for us to drink and do other stuff (Read here for more info:

          It is important to save water because one day the earth may run out of water. If you haven't noticed the oceans and rivers are slowly draining due to people using so much water. Once we don't have water we won't be able to live. One way we can save the water is by using DESALINATION. Water desalination is when you turn salty or brackish water in to fresh clean drinkable water
So it is very important that you save water not only for us but for our planet and the other living creatures as well.

         Just imagine, you come home from work just to find out THERE'S NO WATER. I'll bet you'd be cursing at that time..******. hahahaa you are sweaty, need to go to do some monkey business, need to perform your solat and need to drink coz you are damn thirsty,...and NO WATER. What a life.

         So, peeps remember to conserve water. It's not that hard. Plus, small deeds result in big rewards in the future. Cya ~.^


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