Friday, February 1, 2013


Belanja is a Malay word. In English it refers to as "treating someone to something" or maybe "buying stuff eg food, goodies etc for someone". In Malaysia, we use the word BELANJA quite often. I guess it's a kind of gesture?? or probably just a way to say "Yo's it been? We're cool right? Wazzup" A common example of using the word BELANJA in a Malaysian daily life would be something like this:


"Hey man. Wazzup. When are you going to belanja me?? I've been waiting for like one sem now....haiya"
"hahahhaha...wait lah. I'm pokai (broke) right now. You lah belanja me"
 "Call me when you wanna belanja me, k? Enjoy your lunch dude ;)"
"OK man... NO PROBS. Any time also can :D"

 See? We as Malaysians use it either to start a conversation with someone or just a simply a way of saying hello when you see somebody you know. In a fun way of course. HOWEVER, although it seems really enjoyable to do it, there is a limit to the usage unfortunately. You just have to know when is it going to be ENOUGH. Get it? For example, we all love to do it (don't even deny it) so we tend to do it even though we don't really wanna do it. But sometimes, when it is used too frequently and I mean REALLY FREQUENTLY, it gets really really super-duper annoying. It's just to put it...emm, let me just give you the situation that I'm in right now.

             I have a friend (duh, of course..). Not going to mention whether it's a HE/SHE. Just for insurance policy and for my safety too. *hehhehe laughing nervously* so I'm just going to name this lovely person as "BURGER" *coz I'm hungry right now LOL* Ehemm, we seldom get to see each other. But when we do, this friend of mine always ask me to belanja him/her. Whenever it day or it weekends or weekdays...always belanja me, belanja me & belanja me. Until it gets to the point where I feel, OK I think I will belanja BURGER. Felt a sudden pity flush down on me. Haisshh As I am a man of my word, so I belanja BURGER.

             The next day I met BURGER again. And still, BURGER with his/her words "hehehe belanja me today?" And I was like..."WHOA! Didn't I just belanja you yesterday? So, you should belanja me baliklah" and BURGER was like "Alah, come on lah belanja me...*with a sad face* I don't have money right now. You different got a lot of money meh. hehehhe" Thinking of it as a funny thing, I just laughed and we walked our separate ways.

            Until recently, we are grouped together to held an event. So, we have to meet with each other practically everyday. I just don't know why and it came to me that is it the only thing that BURGER knows to say?? BELANJA ME!!?? BELANJA ME!!?? ARRGGHHHHH....I can't take it anymore. It feels like you are talking with someone face to face and that other person is using a big giant hailer and yell the words BELANJA ME BELANJA ME!!!! AND it makes you feel like slapping and punching the other person's face a gazillion times like you can do with TALKING TOM!!!!!!!!! ARRGGHHH!!! *PAUSE- DOING IT WITH TALKING TOM RIGHT NOW*

           Luckily, I still have a pinch of patience left inside of me, so an act to make BURGER shut up, so I just have to and had to belanja BURGER for the second and third time and possibly the fourth too. Yet still, you know..BURGER with his/her BELANJA ME BELANJA ME. Urgghhh it just makes me don't want to ever ever meet BURGER again.

Dear audience, 
with my greatest and highest respect, I solemnly urge everyone to please do not misuse the word BELANJA or take an advantage towards someone using this pure and innocent word. It is such a disgrace. I think this word is a 2 way relationship word like love. If someone already belanja you, then it's a courtesy to belanja that person back without having to told you to do so. It's a word that can connect 2 people together but it is also a word that can just makes you want to slap somebody hard. THANK YOU.

 P/S: No hard feelings ok to anyone who read this. I think this habit has becoming too viral and not very good to society..hahaha peace ya'all.