Saturday, December 22, 2012


Sorry to have to bring up this matter to the public but it has been boggling in my mind for like ages now and I have only realized how perturbed it is just until recently. Annoying..annoying..annoying and WEIRD on top of everything. So this is how it goes.

        Today, my father and my lil bro just came back from a holiday trip. They bought some candies, local specialty pastry and the important thing is, they bought us (my big bro and I) a pair of jeans each. I was very excited because I'm just lacking jeans myself. So it's a good time for me to finally have a new one. Then, we tried it and as expected my lil brother bought the wrong size for us. The funny thing was, just right before we tried them on, my father said, "Anything wrong with the jeans sizes BLAME YOUR BROTHER!!!". hahhahhaha ok...and plus, he thought I'm size 29!!??? while he thought my big bro 27!!!?? HELLO!!?? I AM NOT THAT FAT!!! how could he?? I'm hurting already..hahahha

         Anyhow, back to the jeans fitted emm quite ok on me just that it needs a little cutting and maybe a belt would do the trick. However, my brother he can't even get the jeans up to his thighs. FYI, they are LEVI'S. So, this is my opportunity to try them on. and TADAAA it fits prefectly. Perfectly I repeat *I told ya so to you know who... =_=* Swinging my hair back, I said swiftly," You just have to give that thing to me. There's no way you're gonna fit in them". My mom intervened with a smile," Looks like it's your lucky day today." You bet it is!!

          When the 2 brothers left the building (house) my mom stroked a conversation with me:

"The new jeans for you..what size are they?"
"Is it Ok?"
"Emmm...well it's OK but it needs to go to the tailor coz it is way too long for me and maybe the waist is a little bit off too"
"OK. But you've tried Joe's (not real name for my big bro) and..??"
"PERFECT! I think I might as well take that because I don't think he'll wear it anyway.."
"I think you should. Speaking of which I think he got a pair of jeans but he never wore it. I think you should take that too if they fit you"
"Huh? Really? Why wouldn't he wear it?"
"Because it is not up to his standard. Same goes with Billy (not real name for lil bro). He won't wear anything if that piece of clothing is not near branded even if it's nice."

After that talk, then it just hits me. These branded things and guys don't just happened to my 2 brothers but it also occurs to many of my guy friends. Huh. Quickly enough I posted this question on a social website. " I NEED SOME CLARIFICATION HERE: Is it true that most guys only wear branded items ONLY!! ONLY!! Other than that it's a big NO NO for them. WHY!?"

           Surprise2..the answers are quite shocking and they came from male respondents too. One guy said..I don't know..another one said..maybe because his wife does not pay any attention to him (that's funny and unexpected), some said VERY TRUE but the one that really shocked me the most is "because they don't have zuhud". WHAT!? Zuhud = asceticism (To know more click here

          First of all, what does all this has to do with zuhud? And then he said, do you even know how zuhud people wear, eat, and how they spend their money? Emm, I was seriously taken my mind, I was already thinking, zuhud is not all about that stuff then I replied, "Are you imposing that all males don't have zuhud then? Because I'm talking about most guys and I don't think that this matter has any relation to zuhud *or does it?* I just see this as more to trends these days rather than relating it to religious because I think in Islam there is no such boundaries saying that you shouldn't buy branded items." 

           And then he replied, "No..but it's almost close to that thing *dah pulak...* and plus, there is no girl in this world that would want guys who don't wear branded garments." WOAH!! Talking about bold and big statement...

          That is just so ridiculous..I mean come on, seriously?? Personally, I don't judge a guy by what he is wearing and as a matter of fact, I don't and won't even know whether the clothes that you are wearing are branded or not. Because to me, once you wear it, you wear it and have to say, based on my experience, the more expensive the clothes are, the uglier it would get. ahhahahahha hope nobody kills me after reading this. Like this one day, 2 friends (boys) came in the class and one guy asked this girl. "From your observation, which one is more expensive?" and the girl said, "I think the shirt guy A looks more expensive than guy B. His shirt (guy B) is just so plain" "Nope, you're wrong. Guy B's shirt cost like RM100++" Jaws dropped...

          Well, my point is, as a girl *I AM A GIRL..n nobody will argue with that* we don't care what you guys are wearing as long as it is pleasant to the eyes to see. We care more about your personality. We have the tendency to look at the guy's attitude first rather than judge what he is wearing that day. If you are a nice man, kind hearted, down to earth and all that nice things, then whatever that you wear will look just equally as good as your personality. So, don't worry too much about clothing...if you have the money, then it's OK for you to buy branded items otherwise don't. 

P/S: Save money for other more beneficial things and still I don't have the solid answer to this question: Why men loves branded items? hahhhaha any good answers??


Anonymous said...

brand tak penting!! yg penting kemas and selesa.. hoho..
and i agree with you that "the more expensive the clothes are, the uglier it would get" *high five*

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