Thursday, December 6, 2012


To be quite honest, I truly am going to enjoy doing this one. SO EXCITING AND SO FUN!! Weee
So basically we all have been in a class before right?? Pfffttt...*what kind of question is that!!??* What makes YOUR and MY class so exciting and so thrilling!!? The study? The teachers? The....class??? Duuuhhh, the PEOPLE IN IT dummy!! ^_^

          The picture above actually speaks out on its own but of course being me, I just love to comment everything and just give out any specific description. Even though, my opinions are not needed! Not needed.  HAJIMEMASHOU

1) CLASS CLOWNS - could be said the most popular person in the entire class. Always make people laugh, do funny stunts, have lovable character, laughs a lot for him/herself. Basically, class clowns are the person that gets the class going and happening. They are like glue that glued everyone together. Get it? Glue that glued....hahaha...ok, let's keep rolling. *that's not even funny..=_=*

2) SKATER BOY - Emm, skater boy huh? Really love to have one in my class. *drool drool* My perfect imagination of a skater boy would be cool, awesome, cool, have swag and COOL!! *blushing* but none of the boys in my class are one. Too bad ;( however, we have BASIKAL BOYS!!! hahhahaha The discovery of the basikal boys started like a couple of months ago when I started to do my experiment...long story cut short, we (girls) have a lot of joy and fun riding their bicycles in the past evenings. Not bad for basikal boys huh?

3) BUFFER BOY - Oh yeah..this is what I'm talking about!! They are so tough and so reliable!! Just wanna touch those big biceps. heheheh

4) COPYING MACHINE - HAHHAHA talk about copying. EVERYONE IS INVOLVE! No exception. The very critical moment of this activity being carried out is when your lecturer gives the class a pop quiz and you are so not prepared. YOU ARE SO POPPED AND SO DOES EVERYONE ELSE! Let's start the copying peeps!

5) DESPERATE - The one that will always ask other people "Have you finished your homework?? Have you?? Have you??" yeah...why? "Let me borrow know, for reference!" Big grin with purplish face and heavy sweating

6) HARD WORKERS/ NERD - Mostly their areas will be at the front. Ummm, the most undesired one in the class. The enemy to everyone. Everybody will turn their heads around with glaring eyes to face her when the teacher ask, "Did I give you any homework yesterday?"

7) THE QUEEN BEE/ VAIN - The hottest girl not just in the class, could be the entire school. Is blessed with natural beauty. But the question is now, how about the inside beauty? Is it as beautiful as the outside? hahahhaha jk jk. The one with the biggest wardrobe, fashionista.  Ulala

8) DIFFERENT - the word just describes it all. AWKWARD

  • HYPERACTIVES - the noisy and sometimes can be irritating and annoying
  • CLASS BUNKERS - aka the late comers or the ones that will never ever come to class unless the exam is just around the corner (to get spot questions!!!) a very strategic place to sit just in case they are late for class and they have to sneak in. Clever clever
  •  BULLIES - hahahha statistically proven!!   
10) VEGETABLES/ OUT OF EARTH - well well well, pretty much like me!! hohoho Mostly they are seated in the middle and back. But beware of these sleeping beauty. THEY SCORE WELL IN MOST EXAMS!! *crap!? how can this happen!!???*

11) MUSICIANS/ SINGERS - New song everyday. Their songs will reflect their mood for the day. Will make up any songs that instantly penetrate through their minds. Annoying brats. They think they are cool and famous. Keep on dreaming brother!! hahahha


13) STRESSED OUT - The one that seems troubled the most. Need counseling ASAP. When we look at them, will immediately feel stressed out too. So RUN!!


15) GOSSIPING MACHINES/ BFFs - they move in packs. Usually 5-8 people a group. Any hot and unseen and unheard rumors, they have it! The organizers of the class. Pretty handy huh? :P   

16) SKETCHERS - need a hand in decorating your blend, empty, boring desk? Whiteboard? Notice board?  Walls? Chairs? THEY CAN DO IT! Call them at 1800-88-SKETCH-555 or email them at

hahhahha...that's a lot of fun. Huh. Well, this is just my rendition of the classmates. Maybe you have one that is more interesting? CALL ME MAYBE? LOL. Have a great day ;) 


Anonymous said...

fast track for manipal i guess? hahaha

wanie:) said...

hahahhaha fast track? I don't think so. Mcm kenal je by the way. hahahha

Anonymous said...

really? i don't know anyone called wanie for your info :P

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