Monday, July 8, 2013


Well, a few days ago I posted something on my Facebook page. Actually I had the idea of posting that thing a long time ago but there was something holding me back.

POSTED: A true man is a man that can kopek durian and tukar tayar kereta!! Practice guys practice

Before I posted this, I knew that there will be some person or someone would ask me back, "What makes a true woman then?" That question was the one very thing that hold me back. Why? Because I never really knew what the answer was, is and could be. I thought about it for a few days, a lot of answers came across this getting slower and slower mind of mine everyday but none of the answers seem right, well in a way they are true/right but somehow deep inside you know they're not, you know that there are much more than just "that". But I just went ahead and do it. Taking my chances of the very slightest idea that the question will popped out and it turns out, my so-called premonition was true as it always has....

          So, I decided not to answer the question or you can say delay it until I can get a definite answer on that. I could have never imagined that today is going to be that day when it finally came without me even realising it. Sneaky as a well-trained ninja. hahahha well, just ignore that.

         Some of the answers that I thought was cooking, which is a definite YES. I bet anyone would have figured that out, pfftt but then, you don't really need to be a woman just to be great at cooking. I mean, almost more than 50% of chefs in the culinary world is a guy so wouldn't it be that actually guy has more talent in cooking than girls are? Then, I thought about house-cleaning but then duhhh too general. How about a true woman is a woman who can love her family unconditionally? Nahh, too lame. I sounded very old just reading it back.

        I was in a very unstable roller-coaster emotional mode just a few hours ago and it hit me. A TRUE WOMAN IS A WOMAN WHO CAN ENDURE GREAT PAIN AND STILL GIVE OUT A BIG SMILE. Well, is just what I see, women actually are very vulnerable. Some may seem so tough on the outside but they are actually very brittle in the inside. With the very slightest touch it could break any moment. For many decades and centuries, in ancient times women were treated as if they are nothing, worthless and lifeless. They were killed brutally for various purposes and beaten to pulp. Now, the same thing still happens but much more less. Selfishly, I say we are a great lover. When we love somebody, we will love them dearly and if get the chance we won't let them go that easily. We still stick around in the house even though our husband is a real-life bomb just because he is our husband and we love him, we still there for our children whenever they are in great pain, needed someone to hold on to even though, they never visit us anymore when they grow old, never give us a call, never give us money when they are actually full of it just because they are our children and we love them. Regardless of how many boys/guys lie to us, cheated us, tricked us we still stick around just because we love them.

        Plus, we are great listeners. We listen patiently to every single and sometimes unimportant detail of your very called "troubled" life when we already have stacks of them carried around on our shoulders everyday. We keep your secrets as if they are our very own soul. Most importantly, I must say the pain that every mom have to endure when delivering her child is the greatest pain of all and it is incomparable. After all of that happened, we still put on a big great smile knowing and hoping that time will eventually heal all the pain and all the scars that occurred along the way.

      But not all women are like this. I would be lying to you and to myself if I say everyone of us is like this. And plus, it's just my point of view....what's yours??

P/S: I'm not sure why but throughout writing this post Maroon 5 song entitled She Will Be Loved kept playing in my head for some unknown reason....I wonder why.


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