Saturday, July 21, 2012


Do you know that all of us share the same genetic code? You share around 99% of your DNA with the person next to you, your back, front and right! Isn't that cool? So, that literally means, if you think they are beautiful, THEN YOU ARE TOO!! ^_^  and IF I'M UGLY, SO R U HEHEHHE

The pictures above are just for fun. So laugh people, laugh...or smile ;D Hmmm, but if all of us are the same, then why there are bad guys and good guys? Good question! Well, I would say that all comes down to personality coz personality really does reflect who you truly are. It shows what your heart is made of. How to have a good personality? That I believe you'll find your way through experience and surroundings. Hopefully you'll find it. One day....

           Living in this world requires cooperation, loving, caring, responsibilities and so much more. So, don't let our 1% difference makes the whole planet upside down. If you are rich today, does not guarantee that you'll be rich the next day and vice versa. Think carefully, IT WILL MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE. 


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