Saturday, July 14, 2012


As I was walking with a friend, a Chinese, to take our breakfast...suddenly she said to me:-

FRIEND: Hey, did you know something? Yesterday I saw one girl and she was a free hair. I saw her getting scolded by our HEP badly.
ME: Really? Why so? Who's that person?
FRIEND: She dyed her hair. I think it's a junior.
ME: Ceh, no wonderlah she got scolded by the head oh HEP. She dyed her hair!!!! That's against the rules of the college. Obviously. Is she a Chinese, Indian....???
FRIEND: No, she's a Malay. Hey, I thought wearing tudung is wajib for you guys? How come she didn't wear one. I mean not only she...many others too? You guys will get dosa right if you don't wear tudung?

*************DUMBSTRUCK!!!!!! *******************
FRIENDS: As I remember it correctly, the Malays are wajib to wear tudung during their school years, right? How come now isn't anymore?
ME: Well, that's because during the school years, teachers are trying to do their best to adapt us with the correct way of living an Islamic life. But. once you are let loose and when you don't really have a strong faith or strong hold of the religion, that's what happened. Maybe it has something to do with their family too. Maybe their family don't really care about these stuff. Ish, kalau saya free hair, mati kena belasah dgn my parents. Hahahaha
FRIEND: But still, you'll get dosa right?
ME: Ya...but look at it this way. Not every apple in the bunch is good. There will be one or two apples that are rotten. Same goes here. Not every one will follow exactly what Islam says. I think any religion is also the same right? Not everyone will follow exactly what their religion told them to do, right?
FRIEND: Ya, I think so....emmm..


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