Friday, January 25, 2013


Wuhuuu we have finally arrived in the year 2013!!! How awesome is that guys? One thing for sure, time do fly ever so quickly and now all of us authors are turning 20!!!! *I still can't believe it...* suddenly we have a 2 in front of our age...huh. Well, moving on, since we are still in the first month of the year so I thought that it will be the most appropriate time to do this post ^_^

             IT'S ABOUT CELEBRATING SOMEONE'S BIRTHDAY!!! yeay FYI, one of the authors here just celebrated her 20th birthday. So, I wanna take this golden chance to just wish her a very happy birthday. May all her wishes come true, find a handsome prince to take her breath away, stay cute, stay the way you are (which is crazy, funny, lovely...and all the nice things that you can say) and just may you be truly successful in the days to come.

           Now, when we talk about birthdays of course there would be the question of wishing that person, giving presents, and maybe for friends the typical PRANKING!!! yeah.. i know we all love that last part. Plus, we want to make sure that we do it in the most perfect and memorable ways possible so that the person will always remember and cherish it forever even though it is just a simple "Hey you, Happy Birthday". But do we have the real guidelines of doing these stuff? Sadly the answer is NO. hahahha because of this, I've came up with my own rules and guidelines when wishing someone a happy birthday. Maybe these tips come in handy one day. Who knows?


  1. We all do have a lot of friends. Sometimes, we just can't keep everyone's birthday in our calender. So, here comes the handy danty MR. FACEBOOK. If you happens to be online on that day and saw today is someone's birthday, just be nice and post "Happy Birthday" on their timeline.
  2. The one thing that I really hate is when people just posted hb. I mean what!!??? Is it so difficult for you to even type H-A-P-P-Y-B-I-T-H-D-A-Y???? It does not even cost you 3 minutes, let alone A DAY!! So people, don't be so lazy. Type properly...birthdays only happen once a year for everyone.
  3. If you happens to be the very best friend of the celebrated person or very close friend, I don't think saying happy birthday on their timeline is good enough anymore. You have to do more than that I believe. Give that person a text message through their phone or better yet CALL THEM!! jgn nk simpan sgtlah kan credit kau tu :P Never mind, sacrifice a little bit of money to give joy and happiness to others. 
  4. Forgetting someone's birthday especially IF you are the family member is totally UNFORGIVABLE!!!!!!!!!! take note of this
  5. If you are so busy to have a chance to wish happy birthday and you are late for like a maximum 2 days, just present your apology sincerely and tell them the reason why you are unable to wish him/her on their special day. They may be angry with you but they will definitely forgive you.
  6. Don't even bother to wish if you are 3 weeks and more late....nampak benor x ingatnya.

  1. Buy something that is truly from the bottom of your heart. Coz it will show
  2.  Do not buy things that you definitely know that he/she hates.
  3. If you don't feel like giving anything, then don't. To me, it's already enough to wish that person happy birthday if you truly meant it. Friendship does not define by big gifts.
  4. Recycling gifts - If you have a birthday present from a long time ago and still in its greatest form and you haven't used it and you wanna give it, MAKE SURE I repeat MAKE SURE that the thing does not have something written on it like "Especially to you *your name*" on it. It would look very bad...eeeerrrrr
  5. Do not give gifts according to friendship rank. Eg. Bestfriend - humungous teddy bear, common friend - ball pen. (Well i do it sometimes's remind ourselves back OK?)
  6. Buy something that even you want it for yourself. Even you are graving for it. Only then you will feel 100% satisfied.
  7. Please remove the price tag. TQ

  1. Do not plan anything that will only cause danger, rage and anger to the birthday girl/boy. If they don't like it, then don't do it. Just because it is their birthday does not give you the green light to do anything to him/her especially things that they hate.
  2. If the prank involves any flour, water, eggs and so on (anything that can result in a very messy outcome) please do clean the place back, TOGETHER!!! Don't make the face "I don't know" with one another and ended up the birthday person cleans it up.
  3. Be moderate when pranking someone.

Emmm...I think that's all for now. have fun celebrating any birthdays!!! C YA PEEPS


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