Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Up until this point, I'm very sure that most muslimah already know how to wear their hijab properly. Alhamdulillah for that. But surprisingly, one article really hits me and makes me realize that it is not just about how we wear it, but actually it is more to THE POINT OF WEARING HIJAB ITSELF.

"Now there's nothing wrong with a bit of fashion and it's good to look well-groomed and etc.
Well amongst a few reasons, the main reason for it is for modesty.

Coloured scarves are fine. A little styling is fine.
But when you end up with 3-5 separate scarves piled up on your head in various twists and turns and so thus achieving an attractive eye grabbing display, don't you think there's something wrong?
Is that hijab, really hijab?
When you walk outside in the morning will you be the most eye catching thing around?
Are you maintaining the point of hijab?

When we are dressing in the mornings, we should always question our intuitions and do the same thing every time before we leave the house.  
It's good to look nice - Allah is beautiful and He loves beauty.
But there's a difference in looking nice and showing off.

And crossing the barriers don't stop at Hijabs themselves.

There's the skinny jeans, tight tops, bright red lipsticks etc.
As a teen myself, I know the feeling of self-consciousness.
I know the desire one has to fit in. But this is only a short life and we should be passing by it as if we are strangers.
What I've never quite understood is that I see sisters walk around happily in skinny jeans and a tight top but suddenly when its time to pray they slip a jacket on top of it.
As if they know that their apparel will not be approved by Allah S.W.T.
But Allah does not just face you when you pray! He's there all the time and He knows everything.
If you are ashamed of how the state of your hijab is in front of Allah S.W.T. then why not in front of others?
Why not in front of every non Mahram that will pass you by that day?

We don't have to choose Faith or Fashion. We can look good but modest at the same time. We just have to know when we are crossing lines. We have to know the limits of when something stops being modest and starts being a distraction to those around us.

Before you leave the house in the morning, my advice to you would be to ask yourself:


This is the article that I was saying. How to measure a great women? To me, a great woman is someone who can lower a man's gaze when he walk pass her. That just shows how the man actually really respect her by LOWERING HIS GAZE Because WHY!? Because he feels ashamed, he feels the need to respect, he feels the urge to honour the woman. This can only be achieved if and only if the woman herself, wears proper hijab.

          No man will have the courage to look into a woman's eyes who covers her aurat well. Believe me.

All of us have already been given a choice. Now it is up to us, to follow which path. Path that leads to happiness in the life after or path that will lead to destruction?

"....Then He inspired it to understand what is right and wrong for it; 
He will indeed be successful who purifies it,
And He will indeed fail who corrupts it..."



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No man will have the courage to look into a woman's eyes who covers her aurat well. Believe me.


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