Friday, May 25, 2012


One statement really got my attention. It's a comment in one of the many videos in YouTube. A friend of mine highlighted this and ended up to me to get the thinking done. It goes something like this:

"I don't understand the youth today, i myself am only 18 years old and find this song(Sami Yussuf's song) amazing but it only has 1 million views, but singer out there which i have no hatred for such a Justin Bieber, he has over 100 million views on one of his videos alone.

My question is why has our generation changed?"

The answer is MEDIA.

One thing I have to say after reading that....this guy is bold to give out a statement like that. So, generally he deserves my applause. PEOPLE LET'S GET STRAIGHT TO THE POINT.

          In my honest opinion, you or we just cannot blame it fully on media. Every time there's something bad happened in society like robbery, rape, or even as simple as students "lepakking" in shopping malls, we tend to blame everything on media. We say that media gives bad influence to the children. So, why exactly media is doing this? Is it because it is the actual role of media to corrupt every human being in this planet? No. This is because there is a DEMAND. And where does this demand come from? Of course, from us THE PEOPLE



The difference between Sami Yussuf and Justin Bieber in terms of music, Sami Yussuf offers religious songs (Islamic) while Justin Bieber is more to pop, hip-hop, everything that is in trends now. If I ask you right now, just how many people in this world love religious songs that lead you to God's path? I am not degrading religious songs but the truth is, not many people listen to them globally. If I take into account every Muslim that exist in this world and do a statistic, not each and every one of us really and truly loves this kind of music but I'm pretty sure that majority of them would prefer JB songs. Plus, I don't think so that Christians, Buddhist, Jewish and others listen to SY songs. Right?

           When this happen, the market for religious songs are smaller when compare to hip hop, rock, pop songs out there. Because more people want to hear this song and thus simply, media in which the humans control provides their needs. A simple analogy would be like Glee or Desperate Housewives or Prison Break. These shows are very popular and undeniably they have many seasons running. Why? Because their TV ratings are incredibly high and when they are high, producers just kept going and going in their production because again there is a big DEMAND for them. 

          So, all in all, media is not everything to be blamed. We are not looking at the main problem. The core of this problem is simply the Homo sapiens...if ever anything bad again happens to the community, don't just simply point your finger to the media, and instead point your finger to the people who did it. Train yourself to be able to refrain from doing something bad.



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