Saturday, September 1, 2012


I am quite sure that all of us have encountered a beggar at some point in our lives. But the main question is now, how did you react when seeing them?

            When I was a little girl, I would often be afraid of them and to be quite honest, feel a little bit disgust with them because quite often beggar would look like someone who never bathed in years..many years. Usually. And plus, my dad always told me that actually beggar, they can go find a job. Earn some money to feed themselves. They are just plain lazy. Why did my dad say so? Because some of the beggars that we've met were quite healthy looking. They pretty much have every organs and have every limbs, arms, legs and so on. But still they have to result in a humiliating way of wanting to get money from others sympathy. That was my perspective before. Now, that little perspective seems to change 360 degrees, not only for me but my whole family after we went to a country full of beggar.

          In that country, the beggars are majority from the children population. I'm guessing around the age group of 7-15. When I first step my feet on that country and met these people, I was like..."Oh, NO!!! Not again...why so many of them now??". Every time, they would hold out their arms to beg us, passers by to give them money with a puppy and sad look on their faces. "Well, I'm not someone who can just simply give out my money to some strangers...duhh". The one thing, that I noticed about them is that most of them would have both arms amputated (in a weird way...) and they would walk in a large group led by one woman. When seeing these, I don't really thought much about it until one day, when we were walking to go to a shop and have to go through the street with full of beggars.

          One mak cik (middle age lady) walked up to me and say,
" Alah..menipu je semua ni!! Ni semua pembohong belaka!! Budak tu bukan potong tangan pun. Dia cuma letak tangan dia kat belakang kepala. Jadi,nampaklah mcm tangan tu kudung. MENIPU!! Dia ingat orang tak tahu ke??"
Ehmm, after hearing that, it got me thinking. IT'S TRUE!!! *why don't you try it, folding your arms and placed it behind your head. It will look like your arms are amputated if you covered them WELL*

          Not only that, I also saw a man, tried to check their arms whether it is true the arms are cut or not in a harsh way. Even for me, I think that guy was a bit rude on checking the kid. emm..

         Before we leave the country, there was a talk organized by the organizer of the trip. One talk really moved me and as a matter of fact, it touches the whole audience there. It went something like this....

"I am quite sure that you have seen a lot of beggars in your stay here. They may not be to your liking, asking money and all. And if you look closely, it is true that they are actually under a syndicate. They are forced to do so. But one thing for sure, they are from a very troubled background and certainly they live in poverty. Maybe because of extreme poverty and there is no other way to get money, they have resorted in begging. If I ask you ladies and gentlemen, I am quite sure that no one will go and beg asking for money from strangers if they can get a proper job to earn money for their living. They are also like us . They know that begging is the WORST OF ALL. But they have no other options left. So, what I am asking you all now is that RESPECT THEM. No matter who they are, they are still Allah's beautiful creation and we are all the same. Second, do not hesitate to give them some of your money because even Allah S.W.T. has mentioned in the holy Quran that IF YOU GIVE SOME OF YOUR PROPERTY/MONEY TO THEM WHO REALLY NEED IT, THEN I (ALLAH) WILL DOUBLE THE AMOUNT. So, do not worry to give even just RM1 to them. They will get the benefit and so do you.

           Sometimes, if you realized there may be times where you are in a difficult situation and can't seems to find any solution to it. For example, you are having a really bad ill or you are having money problems that never seems to stop or end. Have you ever stop and wonder why? Maybe because of these little things that you take for granted has taken a toll in your life. Remember little things lead to bigger things in life. "

After that talk, I really really completely change my perceptions towards the beggars. Now, I have realized what it is meant by BE GRATEFUL OF WHAT YOU HAVE AND HAD IN LIFE. Because you will never now, when Allah S.W.T. is going to take them all back. ^_^ Let's say ALHAMDULILLAH for all the blessings that we have gained.

P/S: Read SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE to really experienced how poverty affect someone's life.


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