Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Today marks a new beginning to a perfect ending. Yesterday was the official day for "all business to be completed" in INTEC and most probably I would not set foot in INTEC anymore after this maybe except for visiting and most importantly taking my a-level results.

          19th June 2013, was the last day of the examination. The papers for that week was the hardest among all the papers set not to mention, others were pretty much equally hard. Right after the exam, I could see how everybody's face was lighten up as if they were back from the dead and I mean literally from the dead. We had the a-level exam for 1 1/2 month. Talk about disaster. But I don't know, some part of me was pretty sad. Maybe because the idea of finally leaving INTEC and finally finishing the so-called "disastrous and horrendous" a-level and most probably the fact that I would not see all those familiar loving and kindly faces anymore. Not all of us are taking the same course you know and if we do, not all of us will go to the same place for our degree.

            I proudly say that 2 years in INTEC is a worth of 2 years of my life being spent. I gained a lot of experiences along the way, do the things that I always wanted to do but never got the chance to do it during my high school years, met so many type of people from the geekiest to the most awesome and respectable people I have come across EVER in my entire life.

           The few last days before we have to do our clearance was like a HURRICANE!! I thought after finishing the exam, my life would be perfectly normal again but oh boy, how I was so wrong. It was so much worst. My housemates and I, didn't get the time or didn't have the chance to take a bath properly like we were used to, sometimes even worst we didn't even take a shower FOR A DAY!! Well, at least it was for a day cuz living in Shah Alam pheww, one day no shower is like one week!! It was hot hot hot. There were so much things to be done and within so little time given to us. We felt really tired, not enough sleep even when attending the A-LEVEL GRAND DINNER, I was practically like a zombie..rushing here and there but still managed to gather myself up together and look perfectly fine only on the outside.

             I only had the time to pack my things on Saturday evening and continue doing so till Sunday morning. With a few breaks from time to time of course. all of my housemates have bid their goodbyes, leaving me "not really alone" in the house, I started to realise all the things that I would really miss:

  1. Play shooting games at the Ole-ole arcade
  2. Fighting with my roommate to where we should eat every evening
  3. Catch all the endemic species that came into our room...and they were all SO FUN!!
  4. The long walk in the morning from INTEC bus to my class
  5. Watching the special kids at the Sekolah Pendidikan Khas play and getting bullied every weekend through my room's windows
  6. My "gila-gila" classmates
  7. Awesome lecturers
  8. Ikan keli masak sambal from the ALM Cafe *my favourite*
  9. and many more....
           To all of you that is about to ride on this wonderful path like all of my friends and I did, I'm telling you that it's going to be a bumpy road but you will love it. Definitely. Thank you everyone and till we meet again. InsyaAllah.... ^_^

Here's the song that one of the performer performed during the A-LEVEL DINNER. I'm sure that not all of us know about this song and I just think that this song is perfect to sum up everything. ENJOY


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